This is certainly not big news, but I suppose any news about the forthcoming Spider-Man – or as I like to call it, Spidreboot (said with a French accent) – is relevant news.

The ol’ rumor mill had posited both Sam Elliott and Mad Men‘s John Slattery as up for the role of cigar chomping Daily Bugle rager J. Jonah Jameson. Well, I hope none of you had become too entrenched in either man’s camp, because IGN is claiming on a reliable source that Jameson will not appear in the film at all.  The Daily Bugle will certainly have a presence in the film, as this set photo indicates…

…but no one will be trying to fill J.K. Simmons’ iconic shoes.

This decision (if it is in fact true) makes some sense to me. Spider-Man has a rough road ahead of it, as far as not feeling like a redundant rehash of an extremely recent film that even the current crop of small children have all seen. It needs to be different. Not having Peter Parker get a job taking pictures of Spider Man for the Daily Bugle is certainly one way to do it. After all, this reboot is dealing with Parker’s life prior to moving to the big city. Presumably, if the film is successful, Jameson would show up in the sequel.

I am fairly indifferent to this whole film. But what are your thoughts Chewers? Is a Spider Man movie still a Spider Man movie without J Jonah’s yelling?