January 3

Media: Lights Out, 3 episodes. The Social Network. Up From the Depths.

Music: Put up five new songs.

Comedy: Greg Giraldo, Midlife Vices.

Food: Turkey Bagel, Steamed Dumplings/rice, Chicken Tenders. GRAVE, here I come.

Family: Was awakened to news I had to take the little girl to the in-laws for the day. Very little quality time.

Work: Big day. Lots done. I see the finish line on CHUD.

Art: Nada.

Screenwriting: 1 page on the high concept action thing.

Minutia: Played like shit in poker tonight (I get frustrated when folks keep bullying and zone out). An opportunity came up to get away and work from a remote and beautiful location for a couple of days. I think I need to get away.

Activity: Fucking darts. That is barely an activity. Luckily, Thursday I get back into a routine.

Shrink’s Chair: I have no patience for people anymore. I can see myself becoming hard to live with.

The Day’s Rating: