January 18

Media: Stone, Goodfellas.

Music: Kill ‘Em All, Metallica.

Comedy: Sirius Raw Dog (worst name ever).

Food: Seafood quesadillas, grilled chicken.

Family: Some darts with the mother and wife (undefeated), but otherwise it was business town all day.

Work: Had a conference call about the frustrating technical issues for the new site. I think we made progress, but it’s a weird situation to be in when one party is trying to find new ways to get paid and the other just wants the things they agreed on to work properly before moving forward. Put up a time consuming DVD review in the wee hours, and it was mostly ignored. So far with the new site the most time consuming things (interviews, reviews) have bore the least fruit. Made some progress in speeding up CHUD.com’s graphics and prepping for some massive fixing of bugs. Got a letters column up. Decent day.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Worked on outline of the short flick.

Projects: Got potentially great news about the movie’s release.

Minutia: Steve Murphy, one of the best guys in the world. Getting bent over by the system past few weeks. I’d like to stick a knife in the heart of certain institutions. My Animal Kingdom recommendation was NOT a jab at our Special Edition column’s omission of it, haters. Picked up Once Upon a Time in America on Blu-ray, didn’t know it had come out.

Activity: Weights.

Shrink’s Chair: Found out about two of my industry friends having a meeting and it just reinforced how I’m great at finding great people and putting them together. Problem is, I’m usually not involved. So, I’m sort of like a free dating service, except with careers. 2011 and 2012 is my time to shine as a filmmaker, not a conduit.

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