It’s official- Square is returning to the world of Final Fantasy with a sequel that’s not Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was announced with a press release that asks “Why does mankind defy its fate?”

Uh. Ok. No word on plot but it’s a direct sequel, so expect the same characters and summons and long cutscenes and stuff.

Funny note- I’ve had a copy of Final Fantasy XIII since release and it still sits in shrink-wrap. I kept meaning to start it up, sure, but then I kept thinking about how I hadn’t truly enjoyed a Final Fantasy game since IX, how people have said that you have to push through the first ten hours or so, how Blue Dragon almost made me snap and kill every fluffy creature I laid my eyes on.

Expect Final Fantasy XIII-2 to hit next winter. Maybe I’ll have unwrapped the first one by then.

More info will appear at the official site soon.