Here’s how it’s going to be for 2011. I’m going the ol’ Marvel Two-in-One route. Interpolation will not be housed at CHUD, but offsite at AV. To maintain my creative intentions for Interpolation, this is a legal necessity.

In total, we’re going to cover 200 songs in Interpolation. The project has grown by leaps and bounds, thus I’m still trying to hammer out creative assets for it. To be able to access Interpolation, there will be a link within the new CHUD blog posted here.

The link and Interpolation are exclusive AndersonVision IP that will not be housed at CHUD for legal purposes. As I still owe CHUD a mandatory blog for publication here, you’ll get something layered on top of the real material. Thus, returning back to the theme of interpolation.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll call it, but it will not deal with music ala Interpolation. Maybe, I’ll do a Secret History of CHUD. I’m sure that the Chewers will want to know why Sam Strange had to flee to Taiwan in 1988. There’s also the secret of Renn Brown’s rape mask. Hell, I haven’t even touched upon the best one.

David Oliver knows the location of the Hellfish Bonanza.

There’s a new year coming and it’s time to get weird.