A kindly gentleman named Todd sent us some pictures today, taken a little closer to the Muppets theater set that’s been in the news of late.

As you can see, we’ve got some views of the lightboxes housing the Muppet promotional posters for what I assume is the grand event that saves their theater. We also have another view of the street with some neat cranes and lighting set-ups- nothing spectacular, but interesting.

The other photos sweeping the web are from a shoot-in-progress with a crowd gathered on the street and the neon signs all lit up. You can see a few of those originating from /Film and Accidental Sexiness.

Fun stuff! And I especially enjoy seeing these gentlemen in the crowd-

-but honestly I just want to them to finish shooting this sumbitch and cut a trailer. I’m very excited to see these felt folks in motion again.

By the way, Todd wanted us to mention his web-series Dealership and considering his kindness with the photos, we’re all too happy to oblige. You can check that out right here (and I’ll give it to him- it’s much slicker than your average web series).

As for the muppets…

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