A truly penetrating journalist.

In all of the big retarded machine that is the promotional cycle for a large-scale motion picture, I don’t think there is any part of it stupider than the Entertainment Tonight on-set preview segment. I’m not kidding- they’re the worst. There’s a variety of reasons theses things are almost always terrible –the actors are at their least open to press, the crews are mid-stride, the footage is usually boring and/or unfavorable to the film– but the biggest problem is just how plainly vapid the interviews are. Insight is kicked away as ET interviewers are always plainly just prompting the talent to be funny or say something profound-sounding but, as mentioned above, this is when the stars are least prepared to engage this kind of crap.

All of that said, there is footage in the piece below and it’s for a film a number of you are likely interested in- Sherlock Holmes 2. Jude Law and Robert Downey look like they’d rather be anywhere else (probably on set working and riffing with the director, which they pretty much do anyway) and the interview prompts them to make profound comments about their new costar Noomi Rapace like–

“Noomi’s fantastic,” says Robert. Jude agrees, “Noomi’s been really good. Really, really good. [She’s] been a great addition. … You ask about who’s in good shape, I think she would kick both of our asses — she’s a tough cookie.”

“She likes to fight,” concurs Robert.


–but you do get a look at them in action, and can see that the chemistry between the two leads and their director is a genuine one. That’s kind of nice.

I’m of the common opinion that Sherlock Holmes was aggressively decent, but not something that stuck with me in any way. The idea of a sequel isn’t particularly moving, but the first film’s success may have given them license to push the interesting storytelling techniques farther, and go more interesting places with the story. Time will tell, but until then you can at least find out how totally rad it is that they had to get in shape again.

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