January 17

Media: Damages, 2 episodes.

Music: Ween’s The Mollusk. One of my very favorites.

Comedy: Todd Barry.

Food: Blueberry & apple granola & yogurt. A little pasta from Ipp’s. Actually a lot. I forgot to eat again it was so filling.

Family: Me and the girl spent the day together. What a great little accomplice she is.

Work: As much as possible, considering. I look at the stack of DVD’s and it’s insanely backed up. Luckily, folks on Facebook stepped up and hopefully we’ll get at least a couple of interesting new folks covering DVDs for the site. Banned a longtime message board member (deserved it), patched up a potentially bad work relationship (we both deserved it), dealing with issues from every direction. I long for the launch of GUY.com, for CHUD.com’s little technical issues to dissipate. Kind of a difficult time. The little things seem big and the big things seem impossible.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Minutia: Looking forward to no more holidays and no more weather induced delays.

Activity: Some, but a few nagging things are keeping from from functioning right.

Shrink’s Chair: People need to know how important it is that we get Facebook likes, Twitter links, and talkbacks/posts. Tired of dealing with peripheral drama and minutia. No room.

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