Okay, Los Angeles horror fans, time to get pumped…

Two weeks ago Friday Night Frights – the bi-monthly horror series that I’m am co-hosting with Sebastian O’Brien at The Cinefamily – had its official launch with Tucker & Dale Vs Evil. The show was sold out and we even had an unplanned and spirited sneak attack from Alan Tudyk, joining the Q&A with director Eli Craig midway through. We are aiming to keep the good times rolling this Friday (the 21st) with a FREE SCREENING of Quentin Dupieux’s avant-garde and subversive dissection of the genre, Rubber.

From our Cinefamily page:

One of our favorite horror sub-genre traditions: the murderous inanimate object. Evil tree — check (The Guardian); evil bed — check (Death Bed), evil car — double check (Duel & Christine); and now, evil car tire! French director Quentin Dupieux, best known stateside under his electronic music-making moniker Mr. Oizo, delivers an ominous, heady mixture of exploding heads, deadpan comedy and immaculately executed cinematography, as “Robert” (a seemingly ordinary discarded car tire) develops sentience, roams the Southwest deserts, and learns to telekinetically blow up anything in its path that it can’t squash by rolling over — all while a Greek chorus of onlookers watch the film-within-the-film that actually is the film! Rubber is devious late-night fun, full of irony and allusions — not so much a horror movie, but a movie about horror movies that celebrates the inherently absurd and surreal notion of movie conventions. It’s as if Godard actually made a B-movie, rather than referencing them.

You know you want to be there. Here is the important part…

NOTE: To attend one must RSVP. One RSVP per person. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Your RSVP does not guarantee you a seat. You will receive a confirmation email about your RSVP 24-48 hours before showtime. Early arrival is highly recommended. Doors will open 30 minutes before showtime. No one will be admitted after the film has begun.

But getting places early sucks. So I want to make this easier for some lucky Chewers. Here’s the CONTEST:

As always I will be giving away one of the Cinefamily’s comfy couches for you and a friend/lover/kidnapping victim.

I will also be guaranteeing entry to five Chewers. Which means you will know that you have a seat waiting for you without needing to arrive at the theater ass-early.

To enter send me an email at wormmiller@gmail.com with RUBBER in the subject line and tell me what kind of inanimate object you’d most like to see featured as the monster in a horror movie.

Note: I will let you know if you are a winner on Weds or Thurs. If you do not hear from me, obviously you did not win. But I hope you will hop in line on Friday all the same!

Good hunting.

PS – for anyone who truly wants to commit their Friday to The Cinefamily, 8pm will be the surely amazing Evening With M. Emmet Walsh.