I was sent a link to a trailer to Love this weekend and I figured I would wait until Martin Luther King day to post it. Partly because of the film’s title, which reminded me of the U2 song about Martin Luther King, and I like tangential connections. It’s a film by Will Eubank, but the bigger name is the band Angels and Airways, who scored it and produced it. I know little about the band, and I don’t know if that makes me un-hip, but I’ll chance it.

The trailer intercuts interviews, with a man stuck in space, with the Civil War. These are bold narrative choices that can lead to something profound or pretentious drivel, but the effects work is insane considering this was a DIY effort. So much so, all the sets were supposed built in the director’s parents’ backyard.

Looks to be a big backyard.

I think it looks interesting, and we’ll know more shortly, as it’s going to be playing at the Santa Barbara International film festival at the start of February. I like the trailer, I hope it all comes together.

ANGELS & AIRWAVES presents “LOVE” MOVIE TRAILER from Mark Eaton on Vimeo.