We talk about Hider in the House way too much on the CHUD Podcast (#1 in your hearts, #1,947,478 on iTunes). It’s a fact. We’re proud of it, and the less said the better. Busey in the walls = unmissable.

Justin Waddell is often responsible for many of our discussions of the aforementioned masterpiece and he had the good fortune today of finding a trailer for the upcoming Hammer Films production The Resident. It’s a film which features a new tenant (Hilary Swank*) in a building being terrorized by a creepy individual (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who lives in the walls.


The Resident is like Hider in the House but with successful actors. Christopher Lee’s form even makes an appearance! It’s either the best thing in the world or better than that.

Thank you Justin for the link, and thank you Gary Busey and Mimi Rogers for creating a “villain in the walls” formula that still reaps benefits two decades on.

See the trailer here.

* Bathtub scene. Hilary’s lookin’ DUFF!