January 16

Media: Teeth, The Golden Globes.

Music: Our stuff. Medeski, Martin, and Wood’s amazing End of the World Party: Just in Case. Folks, this is one of those amazing CDs that just gets more and more vital.

Comedy: Nada.

Food: Cajun chicken sandwich. Pearl Lian sushi.

Family: Minimal. I had friends over and needed it. Rocco brightened my day with a simple hug. What an amazing gentleman. Catherine was very understanding and made a difficult day a lot easier for me when she could have returned my grumpiness back at me.

Work: Had a snafu happen in relation to the video podcast. I hope we can shoot it asap. I have some fun ideas for it. Busted ass on the site this weekend and a few little nagging folks somehow manage to make me regret the effort. We lose a good programmer on Tuesday so I’m hoping a couple of nagging bugs get squashed.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Notes. I have a very ambitious closing shot I’ll need to figure out how to achieve on a meager, MEAGER budget.

Minutia: Monday is MLK day, so I’ll have Sofia with me all day. Will have to find a balance between deadlines, bad weather, and enjoying my little burst of amazing life. It was great hanging with Steve, Justin, and John today. Had a lot of darts and Halo action.

Activity: A little. Not enough. That changes tomorrow.

Shrink’s Chair: The migraines have returned. Excedrin didn’t help for the first time in years.

The Day’s Rating: