The problem with the news today seems to be that the corporate news networks have a dictum which states that world events are too complicated for the average viewer and therefore they only scratch the surface in their reportage, or even easier: just repeat verbatim the talking points faxed to them from the White House. 

Well, I’m happy to report that there’s another way to break down complex issues in the news in a way that even my dog Hank — generally known as not the brightest tool in the shed — could easily digest. 

The answer is to tell the story in pictures!!

Today, we will look at the war in Iraq.  This war is a component in our overall relationship with the Middle East.  Why are we always in these bloody conflicts in that region?  Why is it so contentious, why does it demand billions of dollars and thousands of lives be sacrificed?  Ready?  Let’s do it!


we drive               we need energy!

CEOs make deals with Sheiks and Kings…   and take their cut.

The money is unbelievable.  Enough to buy anything.

Bases and troops in the Middle East keep the money train moving.

But the residents of these lands, especially where oppressed,
don’t like the arrangement very much. 

Invasion and occupation in the Middle East will generate more control over the oil there, but also more bases, more anger, and more death

As long as these pictures remain in place, American forces will ALWAYS be in the Middle East.  No amount of war protests can speak as loudly as insisting as a people that we pursue the ONLY solution.


Domestic clean power = no more wars in the Middle East.  Without political framing about “democracy is on the march” and “fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here,” it’s actually simpler than you might think. 

If we produce it here, we don’t have to fight for it over there. QED.