January 15

Media: Mad Men, 3 episodes. The Green Hornet (in 3-D)

Music: Particle. The Charlie Hunter Trio.

Comedy: Nada.

Food: Chili’s (hey, I had my 1 year old with me). Whole Foods.

Family: Good family day. It was Steve and Keri’s baby shower (well, Keri’s) so I took Rocco out for gentleman time which included bookstore adventures (a great bounty, the baseball magazines are coming out of hibernation) and a nice lunch. Then, I hung with everyone at the house before taking Sofia (dressed in homemade butterfly gear) out for supplies. A good day, though I was wiped. Additionally, as I expected… her frozen real butterflies de-thawed and are fine. The animal kingdom’s amazing.

Work: Some. I have to be honest. When it comes to people on the MB and the site in terms of bug reports… the customer is not always right. The entitlement of some people baffles me. I don’t think a lot of folks realize what goes into making this place (and others like it) click.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Yes. I’ve gotten my mind wrapped around the short film I’m shooting in March. I’m going to need some help, but the script is coming along.

Minutia: Having caught up with Mad Men, I’m anxious to discuss it. It’s a great show but when you watch the whole series in two weeks the soap opera elements really stick out.

Activity: A little.

Shrink’s Chair: At the bookstore a kid was screaming in the parking lot when I pulled in. His father/grandfather put him in the Lexus and kept having to push the door closed because the kid kept trying to get out. Then he pushed it and used his autolock to keep the kid at bay and as I got the stroller and my own kid ready I watched the guy wrestle with the kid in the car as the kid screamed. It wasn’t an abduction, it was obvious the kid was just having a massive tantrum but I cannot see how it can get to that point unless there’s something chemically wrong with the child or something fundamentally wrong with the way the adult handles things.  Sure made me appreciate how well I have it and how lucky our kids are to have us and our immediate family, a bunch of good folks.

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