Chris Elliott’s Get a Life was a seminal show of my youth. Other than The Simpsons, probably no other show helped shape my sense of humor more than Elliott’s absurdist sitcom about the life of a thirty-something paperboy – which included Charlie Kaufman on its writing staff. Needless to say, I am a Chris Elliott fan. I was the sort of twisted weirdo who would make you watch Cabin Boy in college (I laughed my ass off when Letterman did that wildly ill-advised “wanna buy a monkey” sketch during his notorious Oscar hosting stint).

Since then Chris Elliott – who is now the middle tier in the Elliott comedy dynasty, below his father, Bob Elliott (one half of the old comedy duo, Bob and Ray), and above his adorably hot SNL cast member daughter, Abby – has popped up here and there in film and television, always improving the surroundings whenever he’s on screen. Though even he couldn’t save Scary Movie 2. What I’ve really been dying for is to see Elliott headline another show. Another truly ridiculous show.

Well, it looks like there may in fact be a God after all…

Eagleheart, a silly send up of shows like Walker, Texas Ranger, comes from Conan O’Brien’s production company Conaco, and premieres February 3, 2011 on Adult Swim.