Alternate Title: Shameless Self Promotion.

Is a lesson that I have, for years, had a hard time learning. Living
within a stone’s throw of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery (google it) I’ve spent more than my share of time walking that scary-ass trail in the middle of the night to check for any abnormal happenings. Have I seen any? Well… I’d rather not comment on what I can’t prove. Let’s just say I’ve got some stories.

However recently while back in my home town I became completely enamored with the idea of filming a music video there. I’ve got a few musical projects, one of which is a band called The Forest Children. The Forest Children is essentially the brain child of a good friend of mine, one Dennis Hellmann. He writes the songs on his bass, lays down drums in a computer program and then emails the rhythm tracks to me out here in LA where I record guitar, send them back and then usually put them out of my mind until at some point I receive a finished product in the mail. We don’t gig or really promote because it’s a project we do just for ourselves (although I’ve been slowing putting some of the albums on itunes just to satisfy my own curiosity). While home I heard the finished product for our new album, Kingdom Animalia and suddenly I had ideas  – the music is all based around larger stories Mr. Hellmann has constructed so visualizing them suddenly seemed a natural. My initial idea was to enter Bachelor’s Grove during the Witching hour and try to stage something there. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. However this is apparently a very good thing because it is apparently now a federal crime to do so (really? Are the ghostbusters running the town of Midlothian’s government?

So we improvised. A bunch of folks helped with this, most notably the infamous Mr. Brown, my wife Sara and good friend Ray L. Filmed mostly with a Canon powershot with no budget, then edited on a five-year old version of iMovie, here’s the finished product and what has taken up most of my time of late. I like it. If you dig it say something, I’d love to hear your thoughts.