There is something bizarre and cynical in our world when you have to wonder if a faux teaser will make for a good movie.  Can filmmaking work … backwards?

I see no reason why it can’t. But we’ll find out when Hobo With A Shotgun gets its bigscreen release later this year.

As if the movie didn’t have enough to live up to in that trailer, now it has one hell of a final one sheet to boost hopes even higher. It’s so deliciously grimy. I know I should hate what it’s doing — mimicking the trappings of grindhouse right down to the creases, banking on schlock nostalgia instead of inventing something new — but it’s so much fun to gaze on that criticism just feels petulant.

The lucky bastards at IGN debuted the final one sheet for Hobo tonight.  It’s their exclusive, so I’ll direct you there for the high-resolution version, but you can gaze on a smaller version below.