We’ve had a pretty steady week of superhero news — Batman rumors, Spidey’s first photo, and a glimpse at the whole, er, package of Captain America.

Naturally, the God of Thunder is feeling a little left out.   So Marvel and Entertainment Weekly have released another official Thor photo.   It’s not great quality; even Marvel’s version looks like it was scanned from EW.

It’s not a new or revealing photo either.  (I do dig the close-up look at the Anglo-Saxon-by-way-of-the-future backdrop, though.) I’m pretty sure we saw this in the trailer. Isn’t this Thor raging at Odin? Or maybe he is raging at Loki.   Perhaps he’s simply angry because someone drank all the milk and didn’t leave a note.  Maybe you dipped into his hair conditioner.   Thor is a tempestuous god.

How about one of them shirtless pics, like we get every hour for a new Wolverine film?  I could go for that.