This is a new series dedicated to theme songs, scores, and any type of music featured in film and television that I love, that gets stuck in my head, or that has special significance.

And unfortunately for you, this list seems to keep growing

1. The War shows that ruled my infancy: M*A*S*H* – Tour of Duty – China Beach
M*A*S*H* is one of the very first shows I remember loving, along with Land of The Giants. Tour of Duty and China Beach were two of the shows I used to watch while visiting my grandmother on Sundays. These three shows feature beautiful songs as their themes: Johnny Mandel and Mike Altman’s Suicide is Painless, Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones, and Diana Ross & the Supremes’ Reflections (one of my favourite songs).



2. The Wonder Years
I remember I religiously watched this show. It starred Fred Savage before he was The MOOOLEEE, Danica McKellar before she became a math wiz, and Josh Saviano before everyone thought he was Marilyn Manson. I, however, don’t remember anything else about this show. Except for the theme song, Joe Cocker’s With a Little Help From My Friends. That song marked me for life. Listening to the Woodstock version is a beautiful thing.

3. 21 Jump Street
This is the other show I watched when visiting grandma on Sundays. I know all the girls drooled over Johny Depp back in the days (not unlike now…), but Perter DeLuise’ character was my favourite.

Theme song performed by Holly Robinson. She played Judy on the show.

Extra Clip: Classic Batman

Batman is the show that singlehandedly made me hate onomatopoeia. This might sound like a bunch of crap, but every time I read a screenplay and I see a BAM! or a WHACK!, I can hear this song inside my head. I always have a laugh, but I have to stop reading because I’m immediately taken out of the story.