This is a new series dedicated to theme songs, scores, and any type of music featured in film and television that I love, that gets stuck in my head, or that has special significance.

Whenever I hang out with friends or cousins, the telly shows from our childhood are always a topic of conversation, and trying to remember and humming their theme songs is inevitable, resulting in hysterical laughter and absolute horror at the massive amount of television we watched as children.

My intension for this post was to select a few theme songs from the shows I watched back in the days. But after much thought, I ended up with a list of twenty shows, and the saddest part is that in looking for clips of their theme songs, I realized that this list of twenty is nothing but a minuscule particle in the hideously long list of television I managed to watch before the age of 15.

I sit here in front of my computer, consumed by terror, contemplating what a non-life my life has been. But I guess that’s why I went for a Film and TV production degree.

Bless youtube for attracting so many nostalgia enthusiasts.

Welcome to yet another clip show…

Because twenty clips in one go would be cruel

1. Land of The Giants
This was my favourite Saturday morning show at age 7.

2. I Love Lucy
Lucille Ball has always been one of my favourite comedians and her partnership with Desi Arnaz was beautiful. I loven1930s-1950s Big Band music and this theme song is a good example of the music that period.

I Love Lucy was not the only spawn of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Which brings me to -

3. Automan
Starrimg Desi Arnaz Jr., son of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The theme song for this show is your typical 80s synth pop: catchy, happy, and in this case, with a hint of heroisms. This show was the epitome of cool back in the days.

 4. Manimal
The only thing I remember about this show was that I loved whenever Dr. Jonathan Chase transformed into and eagle. I loved the close up on his bulging hand as it turned into a claw. Good times.

5. Airwolf
I must blame the idea of making this theme song list on this show. TCM LA began airing Airwolf recently. I adored this show as a child. I loved seeing Ernest Borgnine on screen every week, and Jan – Michael Vincent was my second TV love (as I’ve mentioned before, my first TV love was Michael Ironside). Airwolf’s theme song is one of the most recognizable TV theme songs from the 80s.  Listening to it brings back the excitement I felt every time that precious helicopter was in the air.

Speaking of recognizable theme songs, there’s nothing more recognizable than this:

6. The Bennie Hill Show 

I watched this show at a time when I knew nothing about sex and didn’t understand the salacious nature of the show. I just thought it was hilarious and started laughing as soon as the song was played. Oh, the innocence!

Extra Clip: Thundercats

This was my favorite cartoon and fortunately we never got the credits in god awful spanish dub. There wasn’t a single child at the time that didn’t wait anxiously for the show just to yell “Thunder…Thunder…Thunder… Thundercats! OHHHHHHHHH!”.

On a more personal but equally geeky note, I had a massive crush on Leono, I wanted to grow up to be like Cheetara, but I secretly wanted to be a Lunatak. I couldn’t stand WilyKit and WilyKat (or Felino y Felina, as they were called in Spanish).

And my love for Munra has no end. In fact, I named my first IPod Munra.