It’s hard to say that getting tossed around in a loaded port-o-potty is timeless, but it really is — in the sense that gross-out, slapstick humor will always be hilarious, at least.  And that’s something that Johnny Knoxville and Company have in spades.

Jackass 3 hits Blu-ray and DVD on March 8th.  While both of the editions include the theatrical as well as the unrated versions, notably absent is the use of the Digital 3D Blu-ray technology.  Instead, both releases get a Classic 3D Anaglyph of the film — complete with four pair of old school red/blue 3D glasses for your viewing pleasure.

Also available on your home version of Jackass 3 are an MTV Making Of featurette, deleted scenes, outtakes, and the trailer.  The Blu-ray Combo will retail for $29.99, the DVD 2-disc set $24.99, and the single-DVD version $19.99.