Make it a period piece. Give a brief explanation
from Hooper about the 1960 shark attacks off of Long and Block Island. Via
narration from Hooper, he explains how Captain Frank Mundus took his
charterboat from Montauk and headed out after the sharks. Then, we cut to
several shots of Mundus harpooning sharks from his boat. The brutal act was
soon made illegal.

Keep in Hooper’s POV, as we arrive in Amity
where the Mayor is arguing with the police over the Fourth of July weekend
bash. The younger Hooper reports to the Police Chief and we start to work in
the darker relationship issues that Benchley explored.

The Shark is talked about in hushed whispers.
The Medical Office won’t let Hooper see pictures of what happened to poor
Chrissie Watkins and the local man found in the estuary. The Mayor says that
everything is fine, but Chief Brody remains quiet. Brody knows that something’s
out there, but he refuses to tell Hooper or his family.

Keep the book’s subplot about Ellen, but don’t
let it overpower the story. Lorraine Gary didn’t have shit to do in Spielberg’s
version. Jaws is a popular male-powered film, but let’s give a lady
something to do.  

Hooper is now feeling like crap. The Sheriff
hates him, the Sheriff’s wife wants to screw him and the Mayor just wants him
to go away. When the personalities come to a standstill about how to handle the
situation, Alex Kinter is eaten alive on the evening of July 2nd.

The town is in an uproar, as most of the
citizens just saw a child devoured by a shark. The Mayor tries to work damage
control, as Hooper goes to the phone. He contacts Mundus, but he refuses. For
Mundus, you’ve got the room for a stellar cameo. Mundus refers Hooper to Quint.

Quint shows up and I will concede this to
Joshua, you can’t top Spielberg’s intro for the character. Pay direct homage.

July 3rd. The crew is loaded up and
on the Orca. The morning and daylight hours are wasted, as they can’t find a
sign of the Shark. That evening and into the night; the men bond. Quint talks
about his time in the Navy. We allude to the Indianapolis, but don’t directly
focus on it. Chief Brody stares daggers at Hooper, as he just knows that Hooper
fucked his wife.

That night, Hooper is prepping his gear when
Brody comes out to talk to him. Brody pulls a gun and lets him know that he
knows what’s going on and pushes Hooper into the exploration cage. Giving him
an hour’s worth of oxygen, Brody releases the winch and drops the cage into the

This is where we get our first shot of JAWS.
Before this, I wouldn’t even have the shark onscreen. I’d even keep the POV shots
to a minimum. Make that shark into KEYSER SOZE for fuck’s sake.

JAWS does passes at Hooper. Smacking
into the cage, as Hooper flips the fuck out. The shark will be CG, but it can
also be done with some practicality. I’m looking at how Del Toro shows Abe
Sapien’s scenes in Hellboy by way of puppetry and in-camera FX.

In terms of design, let’s stick with basic
nature look of the Great White. But, make the fucker big. The shark is a
monster and book-learnin’ Hooper should realize upon first sight that he’s out
of his element.

Right when it looks like the Shark is going to
tear the Cage in half; the Winch pulls Hooper up to the surface. Hooper passes


Hooper wakes up to find Quint standing over him. Chief Brody has been bound to a chair, while Quint tends to Hooper’s wounds. Hooper’s forehead and left arm had been cut in the scruffle with JAWS.

Quint takes Brody’s gun and places in a small safe. He talks with Hooper about what he saw down in the water, as Quint begins to remember about his shark attack in the Navy.

July 4th. The Orca moves deeper into the Atlantic, as JAWS follows. Chief Brody is now hand-cuffed to a railing, while he chums the water with his free hand. Nothing happens.

Quint goes into a metal cooler and brings out what appears to be a dead baby dolphin. Throwing it on dick. Quint shanks it and preps it to split open. Attaching a tow cable to the inside of the head, Quint tosses it off the back of the boat.

Hooper watches in disgust, as he watches the baby dolphin carcass float in the water. Suddenly, the boat begins to jerk. Quint smacks the smaller winch, as he releases more cable. Sparks begins to shoot off the winch, as Hooper moves to the front of the Orca.

Hooper tries to speed out of the area, when Quint retracts the tow cable. The line is snagged with little bits of blood and tissue left on the snared line. JAWS side-swipes the Orca, as we hear the Stern start to snap. Water rushes in, as everyone braces for the worst.

The Orca suddenly begins to tip backwards, as JAWS emerges out of the water for the first time. Chief Brody kicks and throws things at the Shark’s mouth, as he tries to fight it off. Quint goes under the deck for his harpoon and Brody’s gun. The safe and defense equipment is floating away from their usual holding area, as more water begins to pour in under the deck.

Above deck, Hooper rushes over with bolt-cutters to cut Chief Brody off the railing. Chief Brody is confused by Hooper’s kindness, but takes him on the effort. Quint emerges from below the deck, armed to the teeth. Pistol, Harpoon, flare gun and knives.

Quint opens fire on JAWS, as the shark slowly slides off the wrecked Orca. Quint holsters the gun, as he grabs his harpoon. Moving to the side of the ship, he waits for the shark to emerge.

Brody walks away from the wrecked part of the ship, as he goes for a life vest. While Hooper and Brody prepare to abandon ship, Quint stays on the hunt. Walking closer to the edge, Quint looks over to see where JAWS went.

That’s when the shark rams the ship from underneath. Quint falls into the giant hole in the ship, as tons of debris begins to pour into the Atlantic. Brody and Hooper go to help Quint, when he’s pulled under by the shark.

Quint grabs one of the ship’s propane tanks and his flare gun. Slowly sliding into the shark’s mouth, he uses his last bit of strength to blow the shark up. The resulting blasts kills Quint, JAWS and The Orca’s structural integrity.

Brody and Hooper emerge in the water and fiery wreckage, as Hooper notices that Brody is pretty beaten up. There’s only one piece of material big enough for them to float away on, but Hooper knows that he doesn’t have the strength to carry Brody back.

While Brody is unconscious, Hooper lets him sink beneath the waves. The youthful oceanographer begins to doggy paddle his way back to Amity alone.