In this edition of The Neurotic Monologues: What I’ve seen, what I’ve watched, what I’ve listen to, and a healthy dose of complaints. All packed in a single post because I’m being a lazy bugger.  This is the laziest blog post I’ve ever written.

But first: Don’t you just love the new CHUD?

I do.

1. Frustration No. 5497
For those who don’t know, I Burn Notice prequel will be shot in Bogotá, Colombia, in a few days, it will be focused on Sam Axe when he was a marine, and it will be directed by Jeffrey Donovan.

First of all, kudos to all involved in the production of this sequel for coming down to Colombia to shoot a story that’s set in Colombia, instead of heading to Canada or some other “safe” place and being one of the many productions portraying Colombia as a collection of shacks and tree houses.

Hopefully part of this prequel will have urban settings. The only production that got it right was Alias, but only because they used archival footage for exterior shots.

Bad portrayal of Colombia in Hollywood movies has nothing to do with my frustration n. 5497, for I am the least colombian Colombian ever. But it’s pretty damn annoying anyway.

What’s frustrating me is this: I live in Medellín, Colombia. The distance between Medellín and Bogotá is about 153 miles, a 12 hours bus ride, or a 30 minutes flight. Meaning, I’m pretty close to the action. But worse of all, I have no connections to the production and I know no one with connections to the production. So I won’t be a part of it in any way.
Being a hardcore fan of Burn Notice, this is very sad. So very, very sad…

2. What’s been seen/watched.

• The New Year was received watching a day long marathon of the best of Top Gear (UK), one of the most entertaining, best made nonfiction shows on TV at the moment. It’s also the only thing in the world that makes me care about cars. Thanks to this show, I foresee a hydrogen car in my very distant future.

• V: Season 2’s first episode was so much fun, and seeing Jane Badler as the big lizard mama was awesome (and she’s so hot, I still want to be like her when I grow up). Then came the second episode and things took a massive nosedive. Ana wants to destroy de human soul now, and the whole episode was spent defining what the soul is in semi-poetics. It was like when my parents try to make me read self help books. Made me want to jump out a window. Fortunately, there was lots of Joel Gretch. Action Padre Version 2 is always welcome.

• Currently in love with Showtime’s Shameless. Good balance of drama and comedy. Also, the characters seem very real. I like shows about people who struggle through life. Not that I like seeing people struggle… I feel like I’m about to shoot myself in the foot with that statement. Anyway, I haven’t watched the original British version yet, but it’s definitely on the viewing list.

• Black Swan is stunning.

• Never Let Me Go is a beautiful little movie.

• Watched Inception, Moon, and District 9 gain. I loved them all as much as the first time.

• Still mystified by the power that Doom has over me. I know it is essentially a bad movie but whenever it’s on TV, I can’t stop watching it.

• As I write this, Cobra is being aired, in awful Spanish dub. So great, and yet so very silly.

• I’m thinking of giving Lights Out a shot.  Not yet decided.

• Went to see Tron: Legacy twice and I like it a lot. In fact, I might love it. Unfortunately CLU was a tragedy of epic proportions. If there are any actors afraid of being replaced by digital duplicates, CLU is proof they have nothing to be afraid of. NOTHING. The soundtrack is great, made me a Daft Punk fan, and it’s being used as soundtrack to my long cyberpunk reading list. Speaking of the soundtrack–

3. SoundTracks 01/13/11
I didn’t have enough to write a separate SoundTracks post, so here they are. From Tron: Legacy, the official video for Derezzed, featuring the aesthetic of the original Tron. Also, here’s the original video of Journey’s Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) in all its 80s awful hairiness, a song that playes when Sam Flynn first entered Flynn’s arcade in the movie.


Daft Punk – Derezzed (from TRON: Legacy)

Journey – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

That’s all, folks!