I know the B-Movie Podcast was about 2 weeks ago and I’m just barely blogging about it, but I’ve had some really bad allergies the past week, and thankfully I’m just getting over them.

Coincidentally the bad allergies started not long after the Podcast was done, so I lucked out. Our first podcast was mired with some minor setbacks, most notably the 3 of us (myself, Eric, and Mike) talking over ourselves, but this second one, we came swinging out of the gate. We had some great conversations about movies that could have been videogames back in the frustrating 8 and 16 bit days.

We had a very special caller named Chris who is none other than Moltisanti himself, and he lent his particular sense of humor to one of the standout pieces of the Podcast (I’ll never think of Gene Hackman ever again without that damn Redskins Starter Jacket). I as usual was (as Eric coined it) The Man Of Forgiving Tastes by defending Robocop 3 (There’s a future It’s Not That Bad! blog in the making just for that movie), and we had a great all around discussion about many movies. We had calls again from some of the gents from last time, Dr. Dean Edell, Tyler Foster, duke fleed, and several others.

Nick wasn’t able to do the Podcast, but he sent an equally upstanding contributor to CHUD, Renn Brown, to take his place. Renn gave some great insights, and he had one or 2 great moments during the Podcast.

Overall we had a great second Podcast, and we really fell into the right groove early on.This will be the way things should be going for us on future podcasts. Rambling on about B-Movies, Video games, Starter Jackets, Big Lots, and much more stuff that would be nonsense spewing from the minds of 3 asylum patients who got day passes to anyone with a rational brain. In other words, perfect entertainment!

Looking forward to the next one, and hope to have a lot of the same folks call in again, along with many new people.

“Relive The Magic” by Reggie And The Full Effect

Thanks for reading my CHUD blog and see you next time!