Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! is a project that Paramount and Jim Carrey have been trying to make work for a long time, one with many scripts and many directors. Eric Roth (Munich, Benjamin Button) is the latest screenwriter to take a stab at the adventure movie, as Paramount makes another stab at the project proper.

Focusing on the famous columnist who spawned an entire franchise of attractions, books, and tv/radio shows, the film has always been intended as a world-faring adventure film that would put Ripley into contact with the many odd people and places he spotlighted in his features. It’s long been considered a tentpole-sized flick, and it’s been in some form of development for over five years. Last we heard, Chris Columbus was eying the director’s chair for a version that had moved past the China-based storyline of previous drafts. That was two years ago though, and at this point the only known players that are still¬† involved are Carrey and now Roth, who seems to be starting from scratch. Hiring the Oscar-winning writer definitely indicates Paramount is serious about this go-round.

Jim Carrey was absolutely fantastic in I Love You Phillip Morris, and he still got whatever it is he’s always had. Most of Carrey’s blockbuster work has been very¬† middle-of-the-road pandering material, and while I don’t see Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! being particularly edgy, the globetrotting aspect could make it worthwhile. I’m definitely rooting for the actor to do good work, and after sticking with the project for so long, I think it’s safe to say his heart would be in it.

Source | Deadline

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