There he is, full on and in full regalia- Chris Evans as Captain America. Entertainment Weekly‘s newest issue will feature this little baby sneak peek in their 2011 film calendar issue. We’re trying to suck a two-inch thumbnail through a straw here and there are only so many dots, but you can see it ever-s0-slightly bigger (along with the page from which it comes) on SuperHeroHype. IMAGE UPDATED

I’m still not convinced the embedded padding in his suit looks particularly period-appropriate, but the overall effect of the costume is pretty goddamn effective. Small peeks at items like the cosmic cube have been getting people excited, but now it’s time for the man himself to come front and center as what is arguably the year’s most anticipated Comic Book film gears up for release.

If you’re looking for other superhero teases, don’t forget the first image of Sinestro from Green Lantern that popped up yesterday.

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(thanks to Brian H.)