January 12

Media: Mad Men, 5 episodes.

Music: Listened to all of the new completed stuff. The Black Keys. El Michels Affair. Atomic Bitchwax.

Comedy: My son had matchbox cars and was going “vrroooooom vroooooom” with them. Which I found to be high comedy.

Food: Had to get out of the house. Mellow Mushroom Pizza was procured. Also, I had French Toast this morning, which was needed.

Family: A little cabin fever. Nerves a little frayed. Sofia played her first game of Monopoly against Catherine, who asked me to step in. I then proceeded to whip the ever-living shit out of my sever year old daughter in my favorite game. No remorse. Life is like that, Honey. Sometimes it sneaks up and kicks you right in the pubis.

Work: I took a personal day. Too much time trying to juggle balls and deal with headaches in every direction. I tapped out.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: A few pages on the TV pilot my manager is bugging me about (justifiably).

Minutia: More darts. More booze. More hookah. More Halo.

Activity: Weights. Did I mentioned the amazing workout that darts provides?

Shrink’s Chair: I need the folks around me to step up their game. Folks on every front. Aggressive. Proactive. Positive.

The Day’s Rating: