There were a few chunks of image-based news that popped up today, and while they don’t individually amount to much, they might be worth your time all N2Gether now. Suck ‘em down and move on folks. Remember, we’ve got other news about a second de-armed hero, Weinsteins backing a movie from great people, a chick getting a tattoo on her ass places, dumb vampires, dumb video game movies, and IMAX stuff.

– First up on the short list is a picture from Jerry Bruckheimer’s soft-launched new website that reveals the logo for The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and an as-yet-un-cast Ranger. The film will be directed by Gore Verbinski if all goes according to plan and will fit somewhere in Disney and Johnny Depp’s schedule after Pirates 4.


– I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this picture of Sinestro in a smaller form (or maybe just the posters), but CineHeroes (french site) got ahold of a higher-res version for your to enjoy if you like your dudes pink and mustachioed.I haven’t spoken much about Green Lantern, but I’m genuinely excited for it. I’m all about a spacey, cosmic-scaled science fiction film with effects that (for the most part) look much better than they’re being given credit for. Ryan Reynolds at the center of it? I’m definitely ready to give it a shot.

- Finally, I thought I’d share with you a particularly badass Mondo poster that has come and gone on the store (in about 45 seconds, as they all tend to do nowadays). Vania Zouravliov and Aaron Horkey put together this gorgeous Dracula poster, which was sold in a standard black and white version and a colorized variant. If you find the poster as stunning as I do, just fire up EBAY and start the bidding! Now that Mondo has blown up, the market is probably quickly becoming saturated with flippers who are buying posters and then immediately selling them. I bet you more than a few will end up selling without much of a mark-up if you act fast…