WARNING: This blog is sappy and sentimental and in no way geeky.

On the first of November I will have been married for two years. I have been blessed with the most amazing wife who continues to be a source of strength and wonder to me on a daily basis. Without her I really don’t think I would be the man I am today.

So this blog is a tribute to my wife, the most amazing woman I have ever met.

We have been through a lot in the three years we have known each other and most of it down to me. 2 operations, (one quite recently) me loosing my job to name but a few. However throughout all of this Kirsty has been the rock in our relationship, she is the one who has kept us going with strength I can only wish I had.

I figure it must be hard for a non geek to put up with us nerds but not only does she do that she also buys me the most wonderful geek gifts. Everything from  Ghostbuters promotional packs to very cool artwork, she has a knack of finding that rare thing “classy” geek swag. I have said it before but it bears repeating, if you find a woman who can not only put up with your geeky side but encourage it then hold on to her, she is a keeper.

Through her I have gained an extended family, something which as an only child I have never had and they to have been amazing and I can’t thank them enough for accepting me into the fold so quickly and readily. 

But most importantly I have to thank her once more. For being the most amazing woman in the world.

Thanks babe, you are the best :)

Sorry for this weeks blog. I was without power at home for the first couple of days and then went down with a stomach bug. But fear not the ultra secret project I have been working on is almost done, and I hope it’s genius will more than make up for it.