I used to get really excited about Halloween. There was this part of my brain that was hard-wired for candy and brightly colored costumes. One year, I went out in this elaborate Jack Nicholson era Joker costume. The problem was that it was unseasonably warm and the white face make-up started to run. I’d show up at random doorsteps looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man jizzed on my face.

Things like that are what I remember from my childhood. Things like that are why I stopped really celebrating Halloween roughly a year or two after I got out of college. The last elaborate costume I had was going as one of the monsters from The Village. I’ve still got some of the costume, but it’s been dismantled and fucked with for the last five years.

This year, I plan on keeping my dog mellow while children and surly teens make their way around the neighborhood. The circle of familiars and I will crack out Rock Band 3. I’m pretty handy with a MIDI keyboard, so I’m hoping to find my EXPERT level niche there.

Outside of that, I’ll be prepping more content for the site’s revamp (coming November 1st). This is the life of the mind.