I’ve been in the market for arcade machines over the past few months. Below are some of the machines that I’m perusing. Look below and reflect on your love for the stand-up or tabletop Coin-Op machine.

The last pic is of the 1962 AMi Continental Jukebox. I dug the layout ever since I saw it in “Death Proof”. The problem is finding one for a good price or in working order has been a bitch. I hate using eBay, but that baby got me back on the service and trolling around to find it.

I found one unit, but if it shipped…it was going to ship disassembled. Also, the speaker might have been punctured. The shipper wasn’t going to check if it had or had not been damaged. All they were willing to say is that it could’ve happened. What the cock is that shit?

I’ve been using vendors in Maryland, Cincinnati and around where I live, but if anyone knows of other reliable dealers…let me know. This shit can get expensive and I’m hoping that this blog finds other people who dig this sort of shit.

That’s it for now.