January 11

Media: Mad Men, 2 episodes.

Music: Remixed stuff.

Comedy: New Louis CK album Hilarious, gotten off iTunes. Good stuff. I saw him perform this material, which adds some zest.

Food: I made shrimp parmigiana for dinner. It was glorious.

Family: The whole gang all snowed in again. Stayed out from under each other’s toes. I demanded a unified house cleaning as shit was getting out of hand. Everyone who is over the age of 2 did their part. Rocco just sat there like a fuckin’ baby. Sofia and I wrestled and for a change no one got hurt. Rocco was the cuddliest man.

Work: A lot of good progress on the site, plus I got a review and some other stuff up. The GUY.com call was necessary but frustrating. I wish I had a Josh Massre and Brad Kovach for that site to whip the minutia into shape. Everything is about hours and budget with the team we’re working with, and frankly… it needs to be about a good product. There needs to be passion.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nada.

Minutia: John and I played darts for three hours while listening to the new mixes, enjoying the hookah (mix of melon and double apple), and making short work of  some of my booze.

Activity: I walked to Kroger in the ice, pushing a stroller for the groceries on the return trip. It was actually a pretty taxing journey. Weight machine.

Shrink’s Chair: I question the sanity of folks who use Internet Explorer. I cannot imagine a situation where that browser is the right answer. I think web developers should intentionally not design for it and force Microsoft into making a product that works and doesn’t need to be updated constantly because of how flawed and dangerously wide open it is to attacks. I need about three weeks of quiet that will never happen.

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