I think I’m not alone in the fact that I love when creatures from other planet show up and hate us tremendously. If the world were to end, that’s the way I want it to happen. I don’t want a natural disaster or plague or some silly Rapture or whatever. I want a ship full of Angry Galaxy Hulks to descend on us with extreme prejudice and give us a trillion megatons of What For. As a result I love watching them do it in the comfort of a movie theater because the last thing I need is for some outer space jerk to have messy sex with my hypothalmus as my life force ebbs away. I’ve got shit to do!

There’s been a lot of these kinds of stories on the screen and on our televisions lately. Some of have been good and some have been Skyline. Battle: Los Angeles looks to be a lot of fun and though I can’t imagine it blazing any new trailer it will be a nice Spring diversion. Plus, I am a sucker for beach scenes were creepers kick people’s ass up and down the sand.

Read Renn’s take on the first trailer and a tease of his set visit here. Then… behold Yahoo‘s exclusive:

Thanks to the ever generous Brian Henne for the head’s up!