Ok so I did promise you Simon Pegg but this man popped into my head on the way home from work and I feel he more than qualifies for the title of legend, let alone hero. So Pegg will have to wait and if he reads this blog (which I’m sure he doesn’t)  I’d lay money he would understand.

I started this blog by calling Blessed a Legend, that is a title I standby. Aside from his massive TV, Theater and Film work the man is an explorer.  He climbed Mount Blanc at 17 and attempted to climb Mount Everest 3 times, the last of which was at 55, let me repeat that, he climbed the worlds highest mountain at 55.  In fact he was the oldest person to do so until he was trumped by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and lets be fair if you are going to be trumped you can’t do much better than the worlds greatest living adventurer.

As fair as his body of work goes it is very impressive., everything from Shakspere to Sat Navs*. But what is great about his acting is approaches whatever he does with the same amount of gusto and commitment, the phrase “phoning it in” could never be applied to this man, he does not do half measures.

But for me and many of us geeks he will always be Prince Vultan, resplendent in leather with very fake wings, or prehaps it’s as Blackadders’ father in the first series, or Lord Loxley in the much underrated Kevin Costner Robin Hood….

Screw it, the man is a legend, everything he does is awesome.

*Yes really, there is a Brian Blessed Sat Nav due to go on sale.