Sam Mendes and James Bond. Excitement incarnate.

I don’t know if you’re like me and totally not concerned if or when the next James Bond movie might surface. It’s been two years since Casino Royale 1.5 (known in some circles as Quantum of Solace) came out and the world still seems to be spinning. The moon still shows its pimply face at night. Life… finds a way.

With that in mind, considering all the headaches the franchise has been going through in order to make its next appearance a date has been set for Daniel Craig’s next foray into the world of kicking ass on Her Majesty’s dime. November 9, 2012 says Variety (if you can get past their cyber watchdogs because nothing THAT GOOD should be free). A four year period.

Maybe by then I’ll be excited but I think our new world where we get nearly instant gratification on franchises we love (a year is too fast and two is a breeze as well) has made me long for the thrill of the wait. Here’s hoping that the layover leads to a richer experience and God forbid… something fresh.

Sam (American Beauty, Road to Perdition) Mendes is directing, which is fine. He’s fine. He knows how to tell a story and will keep the conversation bits from being stale.

Plus, with these films the tickets are sold based on how good the 2nd and 3rd unit directors are.