So I just got done watching a grindhouse flick with a friend. For my birthday a few months ago the guy bought me one of those cheapo Grindhouse movie sets, you know- one of those dvd sets that boasts 20 movies on a handful of discs. The quality’s universally horrible, some looking they were transferred from VHS dupes of dupes of dupes…. many times having some other language’s subtitles on the bottom and tracking problems throughout.

Course, they’re all absolutely amazing… it’s one of the best gifts a guy could get.
The movie we watched was called The Atlantis Interceptors. I don’t know how I never ran into it before. In it, a 60 year old white man and a 30 year old black man named Washington are a Miami Vice duo. During the course of the movie it turns into action flick, a suspensful horror flick, a futuristic sci-fi flick, an Indiana Jones searching-for-artifacts adventure, a submarine tale, a Posiedon Adventure and then, finally (and most amazingly) a Road Warrior ripoff, complete with bikers with mohawks swinging machetes. Oh, and did I mention that it all revolved around the search for Atlantis?

It’s really one of the most bizarre movies I’ve seen, just absolutely insane and tonally over the place. Almost every scene looks it was shot on another set, like they spent a week just running through some studio backlot and shooting on whatever they found. The actors are horrendous, as is the dub…. which of course only adds to the enjoyment.

I just looked up the flick online, and I don’t know how I missed it in the credits (must’ve been the awesome 80s music) but it turns out that the film was directed by Ruggero Deodato. Yes, Ruggero motherfuckin’ Cannibal Holocaust Deodato.

Wow. Just wow.

Check out the trailer and wish they still made movies like this. Make sure to listen for the amazing scream the girl who gets hit in the throat with a dart makes, and the great driving of the headless biker.