January 10

Media: Mad Men, 5 episodes. 9,000 Needles, documentary.

Music: Worked a little on a new guitar idea.

Comedy: No.

Food: I made pancakes. Mom made cavatelli & meatballs. Glory be.

Family: We were snowed in all day and will be again today and probably tomorrow. As a result, there’s not a lot of time where someone’s not goofing with the kids or needing something. My workday is the only one that hasn’t really been affected, but I can see cabin fever encroaching.

Work: A lot of nitpicky little things, plus some writing. Plus a lot of checking other people’s work. I’m reaching critical mass when it comes to dealing with tech folks.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nada.

Minutia: I got into an argument with a cop and won. That was life affirming. Bitch needed to step off. Coconut hookah tobacco is good!

Activity: A little snow entertainment, including pulling my daughter at high speeds as she sat on the lid of a garbage pail.

Shrink’s Chair: It’s amazing how the little things in life are greatly magnified when you’re snowed in (by Georgia standards) and unable to partake. I can drive in this madness without any trouble. Problem is, the drivers here are so bad it’s dangerous.

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