The fall TV season has begun and, as with previous seasons, I’ll try to watch as many new and returning shows as possible and write about them. And if I happen to watch a film in between, comments about it will be made. I’ll try my best no to include spoilers, but I’ll most likely fail. You’ve been warned. Here we go:

No Ordinary Family – Pilot

This is a very charming new show, almost adorable, with a strong comic book feel. From previews, I was expecting this show to be a mixture of Heroes and The Fantastic 4, but fortunately it is not. At this stage, the conflict comes from the family drama, but there’s also a great deal of levity to the tone of the show.

I’m particularly enchanted by Michael Chiklis’ work in this show. He can’t help looking like a bad mofo ready for action, but he contrasts that with the gentleness and frustration of his character, that turns into almost childlike, youthful idealism after he gets his powers.

I loved the way in which the parents reacted to their new powers; they were intrigued and fascinated, not terrified or conflicted by them. Except for the teenage daughter who reacted like a normal tv teenager would. The most obvious storyline was the son’s. He has a learning disability but after the accident he becomes a math wiz. Too obvious.

I was happily surprised to see Romany Malco from The 40 Year Old Virgin as Michael Chiklis’ buddy/sidekick. Chiklis and Malco make a great pair but most of the time I was hoping Malco’s character would take out an ultrasound photo from his wallet and say “Look! Look at how huge my baby’s dick is!”

Overall, this was a good pilot. I was greatly entertained and that’s all I ask for.

Stargate Universe – Season 2, Episode 1

At this point, the show has established a structure that differentiates it from SG-1 and Atlantis, by making a clear distinction between A plot and B plot, sort of like what Lost did. This episode used the B plot in an inventive yet somewhat convoluted way to not have to deal with a baby in deep space without having to kill it (sort of): The A plot has a very pregnant Lt. Johansen shot by a Lucian Alliance lackey and consequently lose her baby, whereas the B plot has Johansen sort of astral project to an alien created planet where part of the ship’s crew stayed last season, were her baby is born and will be kept safe from life in deep space. It is unknown if the B plot was Johansen’s subconscious trying to deal with the loss of her baby or if it was a production decision to not have to deal with baby triplets on set. Who knows? What matters is that it’ll bring a great deal of conflict between Johansen and Colonel Young, her baby daddy.

This episode showed Chloe’s newly found superfast healing ability as a consequence of her and Dr. Rush being kidnapped by very gooey, shiny aliens; I’m looking forward to seeing how this manifests in Dr. Rush.

I still love this show as it fulfills my deep space needs (that sounds weird…). I missed it so much! I’m glad it’s back and I hope I’m not the only one who loves it so that maybe I’ll get to see it for at least two more seasons. Please!

Caprica – Season 1, Episode 10

Nothing sucks my will to live more than life itself.

Eric Stoltz did a great job directing this beautiful downer of an episode. After a long hiatus, Caprica returns with all the moral and ethical dilemmas, the existential anguish and internal conflict, the terrorism and religious ambitions of the first half of the season.

If you don’t like this show by now, you probably never will. But oh, how I love this show! It is almost like reading philosophy, if you’re into it. Also, I deeply appreciate being able to continue exploring the world of Battlestar Galactica before of the fall of the Twelve Colonies. From this episode, I particularly loved the introduction of the term “Toaster”, but most of all, it’s the character arcs that are the highlight. Characters are deeply conflicted and have vastly changed from what they were at the beginning of the season.

I’m looking forward to seeing with more detail what’s happened to Zoe and Tamara (the first Cylons) in that awesome steampunk-ish virtual reality world, New Cap City. Actually, I’m just looking forward to everything this show has to give.

That’s all, folks!

In the final installment of Fall Teleshenanigans: I’ll attempt to write a proper review of The Walking Dead.