Konami has announced to Game Informer that the next Silent Hill title (the eighth!) will be named  Silent Hill: Downpour. A trailer that was released last June certainly shows that it takes place during a dark and quite wet world. Perhaps that’s why that other dimension always looks so rusty?

It’s a bit hard to get excited about Silent Hill, a series that’s been grinding its gears ever since the incredible second installment (although The Room tried something new and half-succeeded). With a new Dead Space on the way and another title in the works by Amnesia: The Dark Descent developer Frictional Game, aren’t we covered on all our horror bases for the year?

Still, one thing that’s promising is Konami’s insistence that it’s going back to its roots, centering on the psychological horror rather than the action. Adding to the fear will be the fact that you can only carry one weapon at a time and that they can break, which certainly will work great to help achieve that survival horror feel. Daniel Licht (Dexter) will be handling soundtrack duties, taking over for Akira Yamoaka who’s finally moving on from the series.

Expect more details to come pouring down shortly after Game Informer’s big blowout in their February issue.