Current TV is planning a project where viewers can contribute to the development of a new interactive show called Bar Karma.  They’re  collaborating with Sims / SimCity creator Will Wright on the project.  The 12-episode series will be shot in New York and will make use of Wright’s Storymaker engine to take idea submissions from viewers.   The premise for the show is described as a mystical watering hole that travels through time and space and pops into its patrons’ lives when they need more than a stiff drink. Every happy hour, the Bar Karma staff guides one lost soul through a crossroads in his or her life, using eerie glimpses into the past, present and many possible futures. Some think it’s destiny, others believe free will brought them to the bar. But none of them will pass through the Bar Karma doors without being changed forever. To date, the cast consists of William Sanderson (True Blood, Lost, Deadwood),  Matthew Humphreys (Obsessed, Big Love, The Forgotten) and Cassie Howarth (Deranged High, Deathclock).

The way the concept works is that viewers can submit their ideas for the show to Current’s Creation Studios.  The possibilities go beyond story ideas: anything from marketing to wardrobe to music.  No word if craft services are on the table or not.  Basically, though, they’re looking for any good ideas you’ve got on the project. The show premieres on Current on February 11th and Current will be airing a 30-minute behind-the-scenes special titled TV You Control: Bar Karma on Thursday, January 20th.

You can go here for more details.