Well, we finally achieved it. We made it onto the radio. The B-Action Thread has been one of the major mainstays of CHUD since it was created by Chris Wood (Desslar as he was known before) in January of 2006. This was coincidentally right around the time that I joined CHUD.

I love spending a lot of time there talking with the regular gents who populate it. Gents like HunterTarantino, Erix, felix, neoolong, Moltisanti, kain424, Dr. Dean Edell, Keith F, Tyler Foster, duke fleed, Fat Elvis, and quite a few other gents that pop in like Bub Williams, and front page gentlemen like Sam Strange, and Mr. Nick Nunziata himself.

Several of us had been considering starting a Podcast for the thread, since now it’s got over 2 million views, and we would like to actually talk about so much of the stuff that we like. Nick decided that he would give us a shot at being a part of his Blogtalkradio CHUD Show, and finally this past sunday, myself, along with HunterTarantino (Mike) and Erix (Eric) were able to make a Podcast that Nick moderated.

We all had a TON of fun discussing a lot of things that we’ve been talking about the past few months, and even stuff that goes WAY back like the love that we have for Clint Eastwood’s The Rookie, and fan casting Michael V. Gazzo in a bunch of movies. Plus we spent a good 3 minutes talking about 1 of his lines from Fear City.

We had a lot of great callers who called in, since it was a live show, and we even had a great surprise in duke fleed calling in! He said he’d never called in to a radio show ever, so that was great to hear.

Nick let us know that if we’re up to it,, we can do more Podcasts, and we are certainly up for that. Plenty of stuff to talk about, as if you read the thread, you see that we move at a daily pace, and discussion is rarely in a lull.

Rene’s song of the day: “Floe” by Philip Glass.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!