There are certain advantages and disadvantages as being known as “the movie guy” in your group of friends and acquaintances. On the one hand, people will defer to you when it comes to upcoming films of import. On the other hand, they might assume you have seen and love every movie of ever.

How is this relevant to this, the Blog of Champions? Well, I have recently come into a surplus of dvds. A friend of the family has recently added a large amount of dvds to my already moderately cool collection. Some of these are pretty nifty. For example, I now have the entirety of Hayao Miyazaki’s film work. Of which I have only seen one! I know! And if you’ve figured me out by now, you should totally know which one of those I heard about and immediately had to see.

But other than that, I have acquired another series. A series of, shall we say dubious import. That series? Ameircan Pie.

Now I’ll go on record right now of loving the first two entries in this series. But the rest? Well, I’ve seen the third, but I have yet to venture into the direct-to-dvd realm of latter day Pie.

Until now!

For the next several weeks, I will brave the wilds of the entire American Pie series. I will talk to you about every bit of wacky teen shenanigans. Why? Because I fucking can. So get ready. We start next Tuesday.

And when we’re done? Crank 2. I swear to God. And Kenny Loggins. That dude can ‘tomaso all night long.