A few months ago I heard from a friend who was watching Mary and Max on dvd and saw the trailer for I Sell The Dead as it booted up. She texted me all excited, saying that she saw my name and a couple blurbs from my review featured in it. I was proud- I really dug the film and was happy to help it find an audience in any way I could. Well, almost any way.

Here’s the first blurb of mine they used.

That’s fine, it really is a funny movie and I actually wrote as such! No issues with them using this one. But let’s take a look at the second blurb.


Wait just a minute. I don’t remember saying that. Let me go back to my review….

Ah, here it is. The very last paragraph of the review- “Is I Sell the Dead a cult classic in the making? Possibly. A movie you’ll have a blast with? Absolutely.

Context, you miserable bastard. It’s quite different the way I wrote it, asking a question versus making a statement. I can’t hate them for twisting around my words like this (and hell, anything to push more people to see the flick is fine with me), but it’s more than a bit irritating.