The fall TV season has begun and, as with previous seasons, I’ll try to watch as many new and returning shows as possible and write about them. And if I happen to watch a film in between, comments about it will be made. I’ll try my best no to include spoilers, but I’ll most likely fail. You’ve been warned. Here we go:

When I started Fall Teleshenanigans, my plan was to watch everything premiering this fall, with a maximum of two exceptions per week. Then the week of 20-26 of September came, and I was faced with 64 premiers. 64!!! Of those 64 premiers, I was only mildly interested in 20. That’s still too much TV. So –

The shows I couldn’t force myself to watch: 91.7% of what premiered last week
Simply because I’m just not willing to watch everything, not even to write about it. Look, I love TV. I love watching it, I love analysing it, I love talking about it. But I also like to be very selective about it. Besides, it’s a massive drag to watch shows that seem just mildly amusing.

I’m a casual viewer of a few shows that I’ll eventually catch up with. I was going to watch Undercovers but I’d rather watch the retuning oldies that I love. I’ll give it a chance in the future.

Community – Season 2, Episode 1
There are no words to describe how much I love this show. From all the pop culture the references, to the individual performances, I have nothing bad to say about it. So I won’t write anything else about it to avoid sounding like a mumbling idiot. Except for this, in no particular order:

Episode highlight A: Señor Chang as Smeagol/Gollum

My precious…

Episode highlight B: The worst make out session ever!


Episode highlight C: professor Bauer attacks Jeff with ancient weapon made of ancient weapons.

Betty White is a machine. That woman is a genius.

And this:

Micro review: Running Wilde – Pilot
As much potential and great cast as this show has, the only thing I can concretely say about this episode is that it was too frenetic. The talking never stopped, the characters are very flamboyant (which isn’t bad, but combined with the frenetic pace was just too much), and there were no quiet moments. Didn’t like it.

Micro review: $#*! My Dad Says – Pilot
I liked this. Not sure if I liked it enough to continue watching, but this episode was a compendium of great one liners.

“You think it’s funny to insult a woman who pushed a giant moron through a tiny opening?”

The supporting actors are good but William Shatner steals the show. His dry delivery of all those one liners had me laughing all the way through.

And if you haven’t checked out the twitter account that started it all, do it. That is the true compendium of great one liners.

Micro review: Supernatural – Season 6, Episode 1

If a show chooses not to end its run with the apocalypse, which is the end of all ends, is it irrational to expect a spectacular new season beginner? Instead, we got a pretty standard episode. It wasn’t a bad episode and Dean was the scene stealer, but it wasn’t enough. The powers that be better have something pretty awesome cooking up, otherwise this season will be truly useless.

Fringe –Season 3, Episode 1

After a second season filled with mediocre standalone episodes, It was great to see Fringe’s premier focus on Olivia, now trapped in the alternate universe, fighting to retain her identity after memory imprint treatments ordered by Chairman Walternate.

I love Olivia’s evolution throughout the series, and in this episode we see her at her most vulnerable and actually giving up, which is something she’s never done before. I can’t wait to see if her new taxi driver friend has any role in helping her recover her identity and maybe return to her universe. I mostly can’t wait to see how AlterOlivia operates as a double agent.

I hope this season will bring more focus on the cortexiphan kids without killing them a few episodes after introducing them. I’d like to see a proper cortexiphan unit form and operate. By the way, wasn’t Peter injected with cortexiphan on the season 2 finale?

One thing I still don’t buy is Olivia and Peter as a couple. Why can’t a male and a female character simply become great friends without benefits?

Overall, a great start of the season. I missed this show so much! *Tears*

That’s all for now, folks!

In the next instalment of Fall Teleshenanigans: No Ordinary Family, Stargate Universe (Yay!), and Caprica.