As you’ve noticed, we’ve been growing in leaps and bounds here in the Sewer and that’s only going to increase as time moves forward. I’m very proud to announce that we’ve partnered up with Fernando Fro Reza to create exclusive monthly pieces of artwork for and A little bit about Mr. Reza directly from his mind:

Fernando Fro Reza is a graphic designer whose website can be found at His work has been featured in Wired Italia, Vanity Fair Italia, Men’s Health and on various blogs. A long time fan of CHUD, Fro is very excited to partner up with them and hopes you guys like what he comes up with. Fro also finds it awkward to write his bio and hopes to one day stop talking in the third person.

Whenever Fernando has a new piece, we’re going to debut it on so you can see his amazing and extremely crisp and handsome work before the rest of the universe, and that includes the works he does for us as well as the other things he’s up to like his Three Amigos inspired piece here:

My Little Buttercup, by Fernando Fro Reza

A little about the piece from the man himself:

My Little Buttercup” inspired by The Three Amigos for Gallery 1988 and Funny or Die’s “Is This Thing On” 100 Artist Pay Tribute To Funny People exhibit currently running until January 29th. The print is currently up for sale (along with a lot of other great paintings, illustrations and sculptures by a lot of talented people) on the Gallery 1988 website.

It’s really a tremendous bit of work. Speaking of, stay tuned at noon, Eastern today for when I debut his first piece for, a bit of artwork (available in poster dimensions as well as desktop wallpaper versions) that celebrates CHUD’s relaunch and revitalization.

And then next week I’ll announce what film we’ve chosen for our first film for Fernando to do a piece celebrating.

Hint: DeNiro’s involved.