January 9

Media: Mad Men, 1 episode.

Music: Nada.

Comedy: Nah, unless you mean just being at Discover Mills. That mall is a hilarious car crash of cheese and wrong.

Food: The Flying Biscuit for breakfast. My favorite breakfast joint and it did not disappoint. I was sated until late in the evening.

Family: A good day. Had a lot of fun with Catherine, Sofia, and Rocco as we roamed the city like a quartet of loony assholes.

Work: A light day for me, which means only about six hours.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nada.

Minutia: There’s this assortment of people that frequent the bar I hang at who just try so hard for attention it makes me wonder what their home lives must be like. Always making way too much noise over nothing and this one fellow has this loud whistle he does all the time to celebrate shots in Golden Tee Golf. That’s his thing: He’s the guy who whistles at Golden Tee. That is his 15 minutes. There’s another guy who constantly goes nuts over just about any play of a football game and bounds across the whole room in celebration or defiance. That’s a rough way to live.

Activity: A little.

Shrink’s Chair: Spending an hour or so in the chat room with Chewers was therapeutic. Why anyone wouldn’t want to be part of this little community is beyond me.

The Day’s Rating: