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Along with the redesigned front-end of CHUD.com –on which you are currently feasting your eyes– an upheaval of sorts has occurred on the world-famous CHUD Sewer, the unmatched-for-quality message board that lies below it. To bring each and every chewer a better experience, we’ve shifted to a completely new platform (HUDDLER) for the boards and it’s one that brings with it a ton of new features. You’ll find the boards haven’t morphed into anything unrecognizable –they’re still similar in structure to what you’ll find across the internet– but you should notice an overall increase in polish, speed, and usability along with a healthy batch of new features.

The video above is reasonably thorough 20 minute guide that should be useful for long-time chewers, or readers who are just now considering joining the boards. The later will also find that starting out is easier than ever, now that the boards employ Facebook Connect to allow anyone to log in with their social media handle.

So take a look and dive into the discussion on the best film boards on the planet. You’ll have trouble finding a richer, more diverse group of people from around the world with which to talk about movies (and plenty of other random crap). If message boards simply aren’t your thing though, you can always join in on the conversations  in our new and improved comment sections.

We want to hear your thoughts here at CHUD.com and we depend on feedback to know what you want more of, so speak up!