Film Weekend Per Total
1 True Grit $15,000,000 (-38.6%) $4,802 $110,430,000
2 Little Fockers $13,781,000 (-46.5%) $3,750 $123,982,000
3 Season of the Witch $10,726,000 $3,809 $10,726,000
4 Tron Legacy $9,803,000 (-47.7%) $3,254 $147,925,000
5 Black Swan $8,350,000 (-6.0%) $5,271 $61,455,000
6 Country Strong $7,300,000 $5,126 $7,437,000
7 The Fighter $7,000,000 (-30.0%) $2,769 $57,844,000
8 The King’s Speech $6,811,000 (-12.4%) $8,985 $33,293,000
9 Yogi Bear $6,810,000 (-45.0%) $2,071 $75,606,000
10 Tangled $5,200,000 (-47.0%) $2,182 $175,868,000

This just in: Violence. But the fun kind (foxy boxing).

Two milestones this weekend for True Grit. After coming close against Little Fockers, this weekend True Grit took the number one slot and crossed the hundred million dollar mark. As I said last weekend, this is the highest grossing Coen Film of all time, and if we see nominations and such, we may yet see the film coast past the $150 Million dollar mark. a month ago, I don’t know if anyone thought Grit might outgross Fockers a month ago, but that seems likely. Big victory. Whereas for Little Fockers, the picture is not in a place to best the first film in the franchise. Hard to say if the film will be a money-loser, but it doesn’t seem to suggest a fourth film. I’m sick of the ads for this, so I’ll be happy when it’s March and 90% of those are gone.

Season of the Witch opened bigger than Bangkok Dangerous or Next, but not by much. The high point for this would be around $30 Million, though $20 Million seems just as likely if audiences hate the film as much as the critical community. Country Strong expanded, and it also didn’t make much of an impression. There are high profile titles next weekend, which should likely start the flushing of 2010 titles. Gulliver’s Travels and Narnia are out of the top ten. It’s the budding of a new season.

Tron Legacy is crossing $150 Million sometime this week. It’s no longer going to be doing double digit millions on the weekend. $170 Million is likely all-in, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. International has done over $100 Million, but – without knowing their release schedule – international is not looking to be the saving grace of the film. Sad for Tron and Disney.

Black Swan is kicking ass, taking names. As this is the Oscar season we’ve seen it, The Fighter and The King Speech do solid business. If it gets a nomination bump, Swan could do $100 Million and the same could be said for The Fighter. The King’s Speech is still on less than a thousand screens – I don’t know how much wider it’s going to go – but even though it’s at $33 Million right now, it could get up to $100. With the solid moneymaking titles coming for the next couple weeks, I don’t think it’s going to ever get to number one or perhaps into the top three ever except maybe on a weekday unless it wins best picture. With these sorts of prestige titles, that doesn’t really matter – Up in the Air did over $80 Million without ever cracking the top five.

Yogi Bear will get over $80 Million, Tangled won’t make it to $200. Narnia is at about $95 Million, so it will do nine digits domestically. The Tourist has made the quietest $60 Million possible, and may not be a loser for Sony altogether.

Next week it’s funnyman vs. funnyman for the world series of love.