January 8

Media: Mad Men, 3 episodes. Vanishing on 7th Street.

Music: Worked on new Killing Swarm song ‘Save My Hat’.

Comedy: Nah. I was too busy with the good people of the world.

Food: My local dive overhauled their menu. Decent beef skewers. Trader Joe’s rice cakes are among my favorite things ever. Try them with eggs.

Family: A good day. Got to enjoy the whole gang for stretches, and the little man tried his best to have a conversation with me even though it was jibberish. But man, he was into it.

Work: Nonstop. I updated like a crazy man, because the new site LETS YOU. I hope the rest gets similarly invigorated sooner rather than later.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nada.

Minutia: The founder of Rotten Tomatoes (a good dude) gave me somesound advice on things to tweak to make the site better but made it clear that the new CHUD is a wonderful thing. I needed it. We aren’t in an era where peers are going to hit you up unless you do something they hate. It was a nice change of pace. I was at the hookah shop yesterday and this dude comes in and I laughed in his face, which is probably bad form. OK, it’s twenty degrees outside and we’re going to get snow today. This kid strolls in looking for a new base for a hookah with one of those V-cut shirts that is about 30% shirt and 70% bare chest. It was hilarious. I live in John’s Creek, not Castro Street in 1980. Guy might as well had strolled in like this:

Anyway, it was funny. The kid was obviously so caught up in his thing that logic and reality had passed him by.

P.S. I got coconut, licorice, and double apple tobacco.

Activity: Not really.

Shrink’s Chair: The purging of negativity from CHUD over the past few months hit an amazing high. Being able to cruise the boards and talkbacks without the blind hatred, jealousy, and risk-free cheap shots does wonders for one’s desire to bring consistent and plentiful content. It was a lot to bear sometimes, dealing with the old site’s horrible and incomplete interface (thanks Elaine and Laurence for that…) and then seeing the instantaneous venom. Life’s good.

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