It’s nearly been a year since I wrote a blog at CHUD. I’ve watched as a lot of new writers came into the fold and did their schtick. A handful were amazing, while the rest wrote.

Originally, I was going to convert this place into the new home for “Criterion by the Numbers”. The problem with that is I broke my momentum on that mini-column. The time allotted to it has been replaced by other affairs and I can’t say when I’ll be able to revisit it.

As it stands, I’m looking for DVD reviewers. I need at least 6 more to get to where I feel it needs to be in terms of coverage. If you don’t have the time to review and just want to submit news/whatever…sent it to

Regarding me:

My stalker vanished during the month of January. I haven’t been contacted by that person since late that month. I’m glad for that, but I also worry at the same time. He was never that stable and I just hope he didn’t hurt himself.

I’m working on this week’s CHUD list entry, but I have an eye towards the future LIST. I’m currently trying to develop a Fall LIST for the DVD team. Basically, we’re going to come together and select the 25 Most Essential Blu-Rays. There’s a lot of shit out there and we want to give you the proper insight to find what you need during the Holiday Season.

Also, I’ve discovered this lady on Youtube during my BLOG hiatus.


I love her rack more than words can say.

Also, Devin left. I told a friend and he worked up a .GIF to mark the moment.